Commercials (Selection) 

Over 2,000 Campaigns for clients both in the UK and worldwide

Awards include British Arrows Best Casting awards, Gold, Silver and Bronze Cannes Lions, Gold CLIO Awards, Gold IAA, Best commercial Campaign Magazine, Best Casting Inaugural CDA Awards


Food: KFC, Hellman's, McDonald's, Nutrigrain, Trebor, Subway, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Lidl, Netto, Obi, Kaufland, Twix

Beverages: Heineken, Coca Cola, Fosters, Nescafe, Pepsi Cola, Martini

Retail: Amazon, Ikea, Gumtree, B&Q, DFS, Tiger Beer, Mastercard, Hornbach, Desigual, Levis, Specsavers, Zalando, Phones4u, Marks & Spencer, Harvey Nichols

Beauty: Remington, Nivea, Kleenex, Boots, Superdrug

Car: AA Car Insurance, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Landrover, Mini, Nissan, Seat, Renault, Porsche, Toyota

Tech: Bosch, PlayStation, Google+, FIFA, Microsoft, Xbox, Siemens, Samsung, Xbox, Sky, LOVEFilm, Vodafone, Orange

Charity: Macmillan Cancer, British Heart Foundation, Public Health England, Resuscitation Council

Leisure/Services: Airbnb, Emirates, Warner Hotels, Trainline, University of Phoenix, Royal Mail, Lotto, United Airlines


Streetcasting (Selection)

Nominated Best Streetcasting of a commercial Casting Director's Association Awards 2017

Families/Friends: ASDA Price, P&G Multi-product, Google Hangout, Superdrug, Ariel

Specialist Skills: Specsavers, Immowelt, Jameson's Whiskey, Ocokim Beer

Elderly: Evian, British Meat, Lilt Ladies, Jiffi Condoms                     

Reflecting Society: Co-op, Marlboro, Xbox       

Authentic users/Real Stories: Head and Shoulders, Colgate Sensitive, Siemens Health


Video Games (including motion capture performers)

Xbox multiple games, Kraken (working title), Unicorn (working title)




Asics - I move Me Agency

Heineken ‘The City’